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To view your cameras on your smartphone from anywhere in the world you’ll need a ‘DynDNS’ account first.  It will cost you a small annual fee however it is a fundemental component of the whole setup.  Current cost is $25 per year.


Goto and register for an account, follow the onscreen instructions.


Choose a Dynamic Domain name from the list of options and make a note of it.  We’ll user as an example.


Connect your CCTV Unit to your BT Home Hub via a network cable


Login to your home hub: http://bthomehub.home


Click:  Settings > Advanced Settings  > Continue to Advanced Settings > Broadband > Dynamic DNS

Enter all the details, the DNS name (For example: goes in the HOST section


Click Apply


If successful your BT HOME HUB will now be associated with the Dynamic DNS Name


Click Home


Click:  Settings > Advanced Settings  > Continue to Advanced Settings Home Network


You’ll see your CCTV Unit listed in the Physical Connections section on the left


Click it and in the resulting screen select Always use this IP address


Make a note of the IP address.  It may be similar to this 192.168.0.x  (where x is a random number between 2 and 255)


Now you know the IP number you can configure ‘Port Forwarding


Click Home > Settings > Advanced Settings  > Continue to Advanced Settings


Click Port Forwarding > Supported Applications


Click ‘Add new game or application


Enter the Application name as: CCTV Ports

Select NO for the section named Copy an existing game/application


Protocol: Any

Port Range:  9000 to 9000

Translate to: 9000 to 9000


Click Add


Add two more ranges as follows:


Protocol: Any

Port Range:  9001 to 9001

Translate to: 9001 to 9001


Click Add


and finally


Protocol: Any

Port Range:  8500 to 8500

Translate to: 8500 to 8500


Click Add


Click Apply


Click Configuration (next to supported applications)


From the Game or Application drop down select CCTV Ports

From the Device drop down select User Defined IP Address


Enter the IP Address of your CCTV Unit that you noted earlier on.  For example 192.168.0.x


Click Apply


The Port Forwarding config is now complete.


IMPORTANT – You MUST now reboot the router.


Click Home > Settings > Advanced Settings  > Continue to Advanced Settings > System > Restart


Go to your CCTV unit and enter into its configuration menu – how you do this will vary depending upon the manufacturer.  Read its manual if you’re not sure.


Enter into the network settings menu and ensure that the following ports are setup


IP Address: This can be set to DHCP or Static (if static it must be the IP Address you noted down earlier)


Media Port: 9000

Mobile Port: 9001

Web Port: 8500


Also ensure that you define a username and password – make a note of them as you’ll need them in a minute.


Save the settings and Reboot the CCTV Unit


Download the CCTV App to your smartphone. If you have a Swann CCTV unit the App will be named ‘SwannView Pro’


Open the App and configure it as follows:


Create Devlce Listing named Home:


Address = The iP address you noted down earlier (for example 192.168.0.x)

Port = 9001

User ID = the userid you noted down earlier

Password = the password you noted down earlier

Choose the amount of channels your CCTV has


Click Save


Add another Device Named: Away


Address = the DynDNS host name (our example was:

Port = 9001

User ID = the userid you noted down earlier

Password = the password you noted down earlier

Choose the amount of channels your CCTV has


Click Save


Use home when you’re connected to your home netwok, when travelling Away use the other connection.


You can also access your cameras from a web browser (it does not currently work on iOS browsers so you cannot browse from an iphone, ipod or ipad)


In a browser enter:


(Note the is an example, replace this with the one you had chosen earlier)


You’ll be prompted to install an add-on.  Accept this and the menu interface for your CCTV unit will be displayed.


That is it.  Hopefully this will help you avoid the immense frustration when trying to setup a CCTV unit.



This was correct at the time of being published.  It is a guide only and doesn’t constitute advice in any form.  Although guide is centred around a BT HomeHub, other routers are reasonably similar.

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  1. Martin Swift

    the cctv setup is actually easier to do than it is to read, once I got my head round it I found it simple. I can now view my cctv on my iphone which is perfect..Thanks for the wireless house alarm and the cctv system, we are very happy now to leave the house and being able to check when we want

  2. This was very useful for me, after many hours of frustration connecting to my camera’s outside my home network using the android app, your instructions to add a 2nd listing called “away” worked perfectly….brilliant work

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