Sentry Pro House Alarm Quick Guide

Sentry Pro Quick Guide

Thank you for purchasing a Sentry Pro house alarm system. We are sure you will find the alarm system simple to operate while giving you piece of mind that your property and passions are protected.

We have written this quick guide to help you get the system up and running quickly and simply. Your complete alarm system will have had all the sensors and detectors, sirens and key fobs all linked in for you in advance unless otherwise requested by you. This means that as you get it out the box all you need to do is as follows below to get your property protected. If you require modifications that are more specific to your requirements you will need to refer to the user manual that was supplied with the alarm system.

  1. 1)  Remove the bracket off the rear of the host panel (this cover acts as a tamper switch and a angled support in case you want to stand the host panel on a sideboard or work surface and not mount it on a wall.
  2. 2)  Remove the cover off the back of the host panel that gives access to the terminal points, power switch and SIM card slot
  3. 3)  Insert your unlocked SIM card into the slider in the correct way (it will only fit in one way so do not force it in). Make sure you secure this by sliding it in place. We suggest either a Virgin or Tesco SIM card as these are what we use to test the alarms before we send them out. Also they are provided to you unlocked with no SIM PIN number active.
  4. 4)  Now power the host panel on using the on/off switch (IMPORTANT never insert or remove a SIM card while the alarm is powered on. You risk blowing the GSM module and voiding the warranty)
  5. 5)  The default master password for configuring the alarm system is 8888, followed by #
  6. 6)  The default user password is 1234

As mentioned your sensors and detectors and all other devices you bought for the alarm system have been linked in for you, this means you now just have 3 things to do

  1. 1)  Enter the auto dial numbers you want the alarm to call and the mobile numbers you want to receive text messages. To do this, please do as follows
    1. a)  8888#
    2. b)  Enter 51 for the first number you want to call followed by the number (for

      example 51 01234 567890#. This is then the first number the alarm will call when activated. For the second number please enter 52 then the number, followed by # and then 53,or 54, or 55 and lastly 56 (the alarm will call up to 6 numbers)

    3. c)  Enter 57 – 59 for the mobile phones you want to receive text messages (for example you want mobile number 07777 777777 to get a text message, please enter 8888 57 07777777777#)
  2. 2)  You will need to set up the time and date on this alarm system, to do this please do as follows
    1. a)  8888#
    2. b)  Enter 32 (for time set up)
    3. c)  Now enter the year in 2 digits
    4. d)  Now enter the month in 2 digits
    5. e)  Now enter the day in 2 digits
    6. f)  Now enter the hours in 24 hour format
    7. g)  Now enter the minutes in 2 digits
    8. h)  Now enter the seconds in 2 digits (please enter 01, not 00)
    9. i)  Lastly please press # to save and exit

3) To change the passwords from the default ones, please do as follows

User password change

  1. a)  8888#
  2. b)  Enter 30
  3. c)  Then in put the 4 digits you want the new password to be
  4. d)  Lastly press # to save and exit

Master password change

  1. a)  8888#
  2. b)  Enter 31

e) Then in put the 4 digits you want the new password to be c) Lastly press # to save and exit

Within the user manual you will find the above information, you will also find all the other settings and operations you can modify and change, however we ask you to use caution when making these changes as they will effect how the system operates and it is possible you could make changes you do not really want to.

On page 28 and 29 of the user manual you will find a list of commands that can be used with a description of what they are for, this is very handy once you know how to move around the settings of the alarm system

Please remember we have linked all your sensors and detectors in for you already, unless you asked us not to.

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  1. Martin Swift


    The wireless house alarm is amazing and easy to use, however is there an app I can use to control the alarm or is it best via text message? thanks for emailing your new version of the user manual it is great to read a manual written for users by people that know what they are talking about. The new manual is so easy to read and understand

  2. Craig Bottley

    Hi the batteries have ran out in my fob to control the alarm. Is there any way that I can arm and dissarm the alarm without the fob?

  3. Thank you for helping out, excellent info.

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