The idea of this blog is to provide useful information to customers regarding house alarms, CCTV’s and LED lighting.

We will try to offer both guides to help you decide which is the best product to buy, but also information on installing and setting up your equipment, along with troubleshooting guides.

This is a work in progress area of the site, so please bear with us as we find our feet in this area, we would appreciate any feedback.

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  1. Ian Bromley

    When mounted on an outside wall, is the solar powered siren/strobe waterproof? Or do I need to seal around the edges with some sort of water resistant sealant?

    • globalgadgets

      Yes the unit is waterproofed already. The actual circuit board is actually contained within a seal compartment to keep it dry.

  2. Can you please upload some sort of guide for LED lighting. Some suggestions of what colour to use where and maybe what types of LED power to use where? This would be really helpful when deciding what LED are best for customers

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