Sentry Pro GSM House Alarm User Manual

Click the link below to download the full user manual for the Sentry Pro House Alarm.

Sentry Pro User Manual (pre November 2017)

If you have a newer Sentry Pro from December 2017 onwards, please email us for a copy of the user manual.

If there is anything you think should be included in the manual but currently isn’t, please let us know.

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  1. I can’t get the Sentry Pro manual to download. It just sends me back to the page I started from.

  2. Am having problems with the PIR sensor alarming time.It is able to detect the movements but it is taking a long time for the alarm to switch on. Please help i need an instant alarm response from the PIR

    • globalgadgets

      Hello, thank you for your contact.
      It sounds as though you have this particular zone set up on an entry delay instead of instant alarm. Do you know which zone number it is?

  3. I am having issues with the alarm. I can activate it but its not triggering the alarm when there is movement in front of the PIR sensor!

    • globalgadgets

      Hello, thank you for your contact. By default, all your PIR sensors are already linked into the alarm system, so providing you haven’t changed any programming they should still be programmed to activate. Which arm mode are you putting the alarm in? ie, which button are you pressing when you arm the system?

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