Battery change how often? and why?

Battery change how often? and why?



Our recommendation is every

12-18 months


Changing batteries in alarm sensors is crucial to ensure that the sensors work properly and continue to provide reliable protection for your home or business. Here are some reasons why changing batteries in alarm sensors is important:

Maintain functionality: The batteries in alarm sensors provide power to the device, which enables it to detect any unusual activity or danger. Over time, batteries can lose their charge or degrade, which can cause the sensors to malfunction or stop working altogether. By changing the batteries regularly, you can ensure that the sensors are working as they should and will be able to detect any potential threats.

Ensure safety: Alarm sensors are designed to provide early detection of fire, carbon monoxide, and other hazards. If the sensors are not working correctly due to dead or low batteries, they will not provide the necessary protection in the event of an emergency. Changing batteries regularly can help ensure that your sensors are always ready to alert you to any potential danger.

Avoid false alarms: If the batteries in an alarm sensor are low, the device may produce false alarms, which can be annoying and disruptive. By changing the batteries on a regular schedule, you can avoid these false alarms and ensure that the alarm system only goes off when it is truly necessary.

Save money: Many alarm sensors are designed to be long-lasting, but they still require battery changes over time. By changing the batteries on schedule, you can extend the life of the sensors and avoid costly replacements. Additionally, if an alarm sensor malfunctions due to low battery power, you may have to pay for costly repairs or replacement, which can be avoided by regular battery replacement.

Overall, changing batteries in alarm sensors is an important maintenance task that should not be overlooked. By doing so, you can ensure that your alarm system is always working as it should and providing the necessary protection for your home or business.


The great thing about our Sentry Pro and Sentry Smart Wi-Fi home alarm system sensors is that we use everyday and easy to source batteries.



PIRAAA Batteries x4                                                                                                 
PET Friendly PIR9V Battery x1
Smoke DetectorAA Batteries x2
Remote KeyFobCR2032 Battery x1
Door/Window Contact (including Roller Shutter Door Contact)CR2032 Battery x1
Vibration Sensor27A Battery x1