Sentry Door/Window Contacts

Sentry Door/Window Contacts



Door/ Window contacts for the Sentry Pro/Sentry Smart Wi-Fi Alarms


Our door contacts are multifunctional in terms of the usage on a door, a window or even as a doorbell/door alert on our Sentry Wi-Fi. The 2 sections fix to the surface with double-sided self adhesive, but here are a few things to know or do before hand.

The maximum distance between the main unit and the magnet is 10mm, this can vary depending on the composition of your door/window. When installing decide where the main unit is going and fasten it down or temporarily fasten it down. Now move your magnet near and then away to activate the red LED, if the LED does not flash when the magnet is moved away then the distance is too great.  Fasten down the magnet once you have your desired distance.

No matter the direction of which you place the main section the magnet bottom preferably needs to line up with switch on the end.

You can set an Exit delay should you wish to arm the system and then leave the property, this is very straight forward and can be found in the instruction manual or instructions can be given over the telephone or email.

On our Sentry Smart Wi-Fi you can set a sensor to become a door chime should someone enter through the door. When set up on the alarm the door contact is ideal, as soon as the main piece is moved away from the magnet (door opens) the alarm will sound a doorbell sound. However a sensor is either a doorbell or a trigger it cannot be both at the same time. The easiest way around this is to have 2 door contacts on the door (one as a doorbell, the other as a trigger.)

The sensor uses a CR2032 battery, which are available from most DIY shops or retailers with a battery section.