PD Smart Wifi House Alarm

868Mhz WIFI Wireless IP House Alarm Systems

The PD Wireless Smart Alarm is our brand new 868Mhz app controlled wireless house alarm, offering the absolute latest in alarm technology. 

This alarm is so simple to setup, connect the PD Smart alarm to your router, download the app onto your iPhone or Android phone and away you go.  The best thing about this alarm is all alarm notifications are sent via your existing broadband network, no SIM card is required as with other house alarms, that means no ongoing costs.  The alarm is constantly monitored, so if there is a break-in you will get an instant notification through the app on your mobile phone.  All the PD Smart PIR's are pet immune up to 18KG as standard, a completely pet friendly house alarm solution.

Some of the key features include:

All our packages are customisable, so please do get in touch if we can help at all. 

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