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This solar powered external strobe siren is designed specifically for our Sentry Pro and Sentry Smart Wifi range of home alarms. 

Measuring 30cm x 19cm x 6cm, this offers a superb visual deterrent on the outside of your property.

Backup battery built-in
Comfort LED light when alarm is armed
Anti-tamper feature
Completely wireless - Solar powered siren

As with all solar devices, they are only as effective as their exposure to sunlight.  The siren has a large capacity battery which will run for approx 22 days without any recharge, which providing the siren positioning is correct, should be enough to get through the winter months.  Positioning wise, south or east facing is essential for all year round performance, in a location where there is no obstruction to the line of sight to the sun.   A solar siren is not ideal for a north or west facing wall.

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