Sentry Smart Wifi House Alarm


The Sentry WIFI house alarm is part of our popular Sentry range of alarm systems.  Offering stylish looks and a compact design along with a huge range of features, we are confident it will offer you the protection your property requires.  Offering the most up to date technology, this system utilises your existing home broadband network to communicate to your smartphone in the event of an activation.  This is a full app controlled system, so as well as arming and disarming from the wireless keyfobs, you can simply control the system from your smartphone.  All PIR’s, Door contacts and key fobs are completely wireless making for a very easy installation. Some of the key features include:

  • Simple DIY installation
  • Solar siren available for a complete wireless setup
  • Flashing LED on siren when armed to deter potential intruders / burglars
  • Wireless connection to your existing broadband network
  • No costs of running a SIM card
  • Support for up to 99 wireless sensors
  • Protection from power cuts
  • Programmable Entry/Exit Delay
  • Partial Arm function
  • Fully app controlled – Control your alarm from your smartphone anywhere in the world!
  • Massive range of up to 100 metres – ideal for protecting outbuildings

Coupled with our unrivalled after sales support, we are confident the Sentry WIFI is one of the best wireless house alarm systems on the market today, offering exceptional value for money. All our packages are customisable, so please do get in touch if we can help at all.

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